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The election and our economy

Here is what I don’t understand. Our economy is in the pits. Four years running now. Unemployment is rampant. The poor are getting poorer. The middle class is disappearing. And yet people and corporations across the country are donating millions of dollars to this years election. C’mon people…put your money to much better use than […]

The State of our Union by Brett Alan Bern

It’s not good. At all. In all of my years, I have never seen such dysfunction from our government. It’s pathetic and we should be ashamed of our elected officials. I thought Obama’s speech last night was good. But it was just a speech. State of the Union addresses are a concept whose time has […]

Another slick politician…not what we need

Starting to get the feeling Mitt is not what Brett Alan Bern thought he was. I thought he was a moderate republican. I thought he was a decent guy. I thought he was an honest businessman. I thought he was a different breed of politician. And now? He’s a slick oil salesman. Another in a […]

Brett Alan Bern Weekly Rant – 2

Things that got the best of Brett Alan Bern off this week: Newt Gingrich and all that he stands for. Mitch Romney and his 15% tax rate. Obama in full fundraising mode. SOPA and PIPA and the continued overreach of government. Teen Mom getting arrested again…and still being on TV. Casey Anthony’s video blog. Barbour’s […]

In protest of SOPA & PIPA


What would Martin Luther King think?

Today is a day of reflection for a lot of people. Maybe not a lot of people in the South, but still a lot of people. And one of the things that I, Brett Alan Bern, reflect on today is the state of our society and what Martin Luther King would think of it were […]

The NCAA sinks lower and lower

I’m a big sports fan. Always have been. And I grew up loving college basketball and football. It seemed so much more passionate than the pros and it seemed everybody was in it for the love of the game. My how things have changed. Check out this story. And then ask yourself if you will […]

Is the Kardashian reign of terror over??

Could it be? Could our long national nightmare be coming to an end? Well, according to today’s New York Post (so you know it MUST be true), insiders say the¬†Kardashians are no longer sought-after celebrities. They actually used the word “toxic”. This is how I actually describe all reality TV, pseudo celebrities. I never got […]

Haley Barbour sinks to new lows

See that picture to the left? That is the face of pure evil. In his final days as Mississippi governor, Republican Haley Barbour gave pardons or early release to nearly 200 people, including more than two dozen whose crimes were listed as murder, manslaughter or homicide. Read that sentence again. He pardoned more than two […]

Go to hell Hollywood

You see that picture to the left? They believe that they are better than everyone else and are entitled to things that others are not. The media calls it being a diva. I call it being an asshole. You see…Beyonce and Jay-Z had a baby this past weekend. Now, when celebrities have a baby, the […]