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Tanning in March

Yes, I believe we are in deep doo-doo when it comes to the climate. And no, not simply because we’ve had an unbelievably warm winter where it snowed…once. And no, not simply because it’s been in the 70’s almost the entire month of march. An no, not simply because of all of the crazy weather […]

Brett Bern says GET OUT

A helicopter crash kills 14. A stressed out soldier kilss 19 (including women and children). We are caught burning the Koran. Some of our finest are filmed urinating on corpses. What the hell is going on here? Can somebody give Brett Bern one reason why we should still be in Afghanistan and Iraq? Anybody? Didn’t […]

Game On? More like game over!

This has got to be one of the funniest videos I have ever seen. I was hoping it was just a spoof, but alas, it’s the real deal. It’s white Christians saying that Rick Santorum (the one that hates gays and women’s rights) is the man to lead our country. No seriously. My favorite line? […]