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What a winter

No…really…what a winter. If you live somewhere warm and sunny, you have no idea. Endless snow. No power for weeks at a time. 85 snow days for the kids. Bring. On. The. Spring.

Happy Birthday Jack Nicholson

Happy birthday Jack. And thank you. Thank you for George Hanson. Thank you for Jake Gittes. Thank you for Bobby Dupea (my personal favorite) Thank you for Randle McMurphy. Thank you for Jack Torrance. Thank you for Melvin Udall. Thank you for Nathan Jessup. It’s been quite a ride Jack. Thanks for your gift. – […]

Romney and Trees

Ok…by far the most bizarre comment I have ever heard from a presidential candidate. He likes the height of the trees in Michigan?? What the hell does that even mean??? When this is all said and done, Romney will be able to write about on the wrong things to say during an election. What a […]

Is Facebook really worth $5 billion

It’s madness. It really is. Facebook is set to go public today and they are estimating its worth at $5,000,000,000. That’s billion. And how do they make most of their money? By those little ads you see on the right side of your Facebook page. What’s that? You’ve never noticed those ads? Or you’ve noticed […]

The election and our economy

Here is what I don’t understand. Our economy is in the pits. Four years running now. Unemployment is rampant. The poor are getting poorer. The middle class is disappearing. And yet people and corporations across the country are donating millions of dollars to this years election. C’mon people…put your money to much better use than […]

Another slick politician…not what we need

Starting to get the feeling Mitt is not what Brett Alan Bern thought he was. I thought he was a moderate republican. I thought he was a decent guy. I thought he was an honest businessman. I thought he was a different breed of politician. And now? He’s a slick oil salesman. Another in a […]

In protest of SOPA & PIPA