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Could be a long year for the Giant

New players. New coached. NEW OFFENSE! Will Eli be able to adjust? Will he be open to change? Will he throw 25 interceptions again?

The Price is Right

As a sports fan, you always want to win your games playing against the other team’s best players. So I found no joy in the Canadians goalie going down with an injury. But it was not a dirty play. Remotely. And last night, I thought the Rangers were due for a let down. Not this […]

Brett Alan Bern thinks it could be the Rangers year

Something about this team. Something about this year. Something about this goalie. Something about this coach. Something about this year.

Time to Hang up the Skates Marty

As a Ranger fan, I have all the respect in the world for you. You are a fantastic goalie. You are a pure competitor. You’ve earned your future place in the NHL Hall of Fame. But 7 goals against my Rangers on less than 20 shots. Everyone has bad games…but you looked over matched out […]

Brett Bern – Still a Giant Fan

Sure they just finished a horrendous season. Sure Eli just threw more picks than the rest of the league combined. Sure they have no running game. Sure their O-line is decimated. Sure they haven’t had a strong draft in years. Sure they will be starting with a new offensive coordinator. 11-5 next year…just you wait […]

Put a Fork in the Giants

I guess you just can’t start 0-6 and expect to make the playoffs. I guess you can’t suffer injuries to your entire O-line and expect to make the playoffs. I guess you can’t turn the ball over a trillion times and expect to make the playoffs. Say good-bye to 2013. Bring on 2014. – Brett […]

I salute you NHL!

I salute you NHL… – For keeping steroids out of your game (mostly). – For having the best dang playoff excitement than any other sport. – For game sevens. – For handshakes after a series. – For taking player safety seriously. – For giving us The Great One. – For the 94 Rangers. – For […]

The NCAA sinks lower and lower

I’m a big sports fan. Always have been. And I grew up loving college basketball and football. It seemed so much more passionate than the pros and it seemed everybody was in it for the love of the game. My how things have changed. Check out this story. And then ask yourself if you will […]