Haley Barbour sinks to new lows

barbour pardonSee that picture to the left? That is the face of pure evil.

In his final days as Mississippi governor, Republican Haley Barbour gave pardons or early release to nearly 200 people, including more than two dozen whose crimes were listed as murder, manslaughter or homicide.

Read that sentence again. He pardoned more than two dozen convicted murderers. Two dozen.

Imagine you’re a relative or friend of one of the victims. The person who murdered your associate is now free.

Not because they were found innocent. But because one man, and one incredibly stupid law that allows an outgoing governor to pardon whoever he damn well feels like, decided they should be free.

Naturally, when pressed for reasons why he committed this atrocious act, he had no comment.

I know politicians are some of the lowest creatures on earth. Many would sell their mother for a vote.

But Haley Barbour is now officially the worst of the worst.


Angrily Yours…

Brett Alan Bern

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