The NCAA sinks lower and lower

martelliI’m a big sports fan. Always have been. And I grew up loving college basketball and football. It seemed so much more passionate than the pros and it seemed everybody was in it for the love of the game.

My how things have changed.

Check out this story. And then ask yourself if you will EVER root for the St. Joe’s basketball team again.

It is the essence of corruption of power. We have an amateur player on one side, who does not dream of going to the NBA, but just wants to play one more year of basketball at another school. And we have a coach on the other side who, for no other reason than vindictiveness, won’t let him.

And to top it all off, the NCAA has sided with the coach. I’m incredulous.

Put this story on top of the Sandusky story and the other pearls coming out of the college ranks and you’ve got one hell of a year for the NCAA.

Signed an EX NCAA fan,

Brett Alan Bern

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